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    Default Allowed to Sell Shards?

    Is it allowed in any way to sell shards for pp, or tp codes? Or is it in the 'gray zone'
    Or is it forbidden? Anyone any know how on what the current situation is?

    just asking...

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    I will assume that I cannot assume anything until I get a proper reply or is that assumption not assumable?

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    There must be someone who can reply something a bit useful?

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    To the best of my knowledge:

    If you trade ingame items/currency for ingame items/currency it is ok. tp codes/astral shards is most likely considered to be ingame currency/items. As long as you do not earn realworld currency with it (in any point of your vendorchain), you should be safe.
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    The Astral Shard auction house is the medium you must use. Find something nice and put it there. Put the buyout at something that you want.

    Stat Tomes do not have a buyout.

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