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    DDO's TR system makes a progression server obsolete. You dont have to start a new server to make old content relevant again, because it remains relevant whenever you TR. Because people are always TRing, there's always an at-level playerbase for you.

    Plus, the game - especially Heroic - is so damn soloable, there's less "need" for a very broad playerbase at every level.

    Third, even if they started one, you'd probably be the only one on it, which would defeat the purpose even for you Who'd want to give up all their progress, all their server-only unlocks and purchases, just to get to start over from scratch on a server with no resources, no economy, and no twinking allowed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glithanes View Post
    Typically when a MMO adds new server, they get new press PR in the gaming sites as well as emails to all the old accounts come relearn DDO on brand new server so brand new players and old can come back.
    DDO is not just like any other MMO.

    Most people outside the player base never heard of the game.

    When the last new server (Wayfinder) started no one cared.

    You already receive emails from DDO, if you're an old player they probably get sent to Spam folder.

    Servers are not overpopulated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charononus View Post
    They need to consolidate servers into 1-3 servers. People will complain about names but it would be far better in the long run for new players as there will be more people willing to pug and take the pug tax.

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