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    Unhappy Tired of losing my platinum for new enhancements...

    Not sure about anyone else, but I'm getting really fed up with having to spend plat to reset my enhancements and put all my points into it, have everything look the way I want it and hit accept. Only to find out that it didn't give me everything I already had spent points on. My points are spent but the enhancement was never given to me. I know I'll NEVER get compensation for the 500k+ plat I've already lost out on having to redo my enhancements at least 3 times before it finally gives me what I'm trying to achieve. This is ridiculous and the game has become much MUCH less enjoyable for me. It's not even D&D anymore...literally none of the actual ruleset from 3.5 edition is even in this game anymore. Very disappointed in Turbine lately...

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    You could always spent Astral Shards instead of plat

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    I have had the same thing happen several times across all toons. While it is frustrating, I have found that if I cancel out of the window after I have hit accept and then re-open it, it will allow me to respend the points that it did not allot the first time. Also, a good practice to hit accept after each tree. It's a silly bug, but this seems to be a good workaround for me anyway. GL!

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