As per the title, I've noticed some very odd things about the druid's deep chain. In the first two quests, "Outbreak" and "Overgrowth", the mobs seem to be more powerful than they should be. At the very least, they hit harder than most. This is especially apparent in the Red Musk Zombies and the will-o-wisp (can't remember what they are called) enemies that cast lightning spells.

In "Overgrowth", I've found it impossible to complete the Wood Woad optional. There are too many enemies, or their HP is too high for my party to kill them fast enough.

Finally, in all the times I've run the chain, loot drops have been almost non-existant.

Also, in all the times I've run this, it's been on heroic elite. With all of the above issues combined, along with the relatively low experience these quests give, it seems that there is *something* wrong with this chain.