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    Default DDO Wiki update

    Well, I've been trying to create an account on the DDO wiki for, umm, I don't 5 days or something and I can't seem to manage it on any of my computers, not even at work. So, since I am old and predate wiki and am a bit of geek for taking notes and stuff, I have noticed that the ASF values for Armor seem to be incorrect on the wiki.

    I was thinking of doffing my robes (2 monk - x cleric) and moving to the best light armor I could find, and the ASF value for chainmail seems to be 15%, not 20 or 25 or whatever it says in the wiki. I am guessing the rest of the values are off as well, but I don't have my notes with me at this moment to compare. (I know I don't have to worry about ASF on the cleric, but I don't want to lose evasion).

    I like this because the 15% of chainmail means that an arcane can have evasion with a pretty decent set of chain and the 15% either from a blue slot, or Arcane fluidity from elves will take care of it, or you can have both and erase a heavy shield as well, presuming the AF would take out the armor and the 15% global would take out the shield.

    Anyway, if someone with access could update that please, I will keep trying to make an account, but alas, I haven't managed yet.

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    Maybe it has something to do with the armor changes?

    Since they got rid of Mithral (grrrr) and Hide (brilliant idea there, considering they'd just introduced a class that can't wear metal armor), I've noticed some other changes. No more Chain Shirts, either it seems, just Chainmail. So what I'm thinking is, they removed the Chain Shirts and changed Chainmail from Medium to Light armor. I'm pretty sure Chain Mail used to be Medium armor. So it would have had a higher ASF before, as a medium armor. I'm guessing the wiki just hasn't been updated to reflect those changes.
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