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    Angry Support Contact. Who, What, Why and When?

    I would have to say that in all my years of doing customer support in IT I have never been more bounced around in all my life. On person says to send a bug report, the other says to contact in game support, the other says to submit feedback in some other place. I understand you have different teams who do support different things but come on. Its a huge mess for someone trying to figure out how to get a problem solved. There should be one place for ALL requests. Bug requests, in game support, out of game support, account support etc. Some kind of first line of support. Once the ticket comes in there you can delegate the request to the correct department. When I was trying to get help on a particular issue I was just passed around and around all over the place. This may have or not have been intended but it is a symptom of this kind of fragmented support system. I feel like if you were to funnel ALL support into one place and have the request delegated from there to the appropriate department you will have a much happier customer base and the teams you work with would be in better harmony.

    Just my opinion. I have been playing the game now for a while and I really hate being bounced around. I have had some great people at turbine help me. The in game support is usually fast and helpful. Once some one rejects my request and says "You need to submit a bug report here at XXX" I get really annoyed. It is actually infuriating. I should not have to report an incident more then one time to your support people. Why would I send a bug report? How do I know its a bug? Why don't you submit the bug report for me?

    Oh and another thing. About the new chest shard reroll button. It maybe clear on the button how many shards it costs when hitting the re-roll button but when you click on something hundreds of times in a week and suddenly, without warning, you change what I am clicking my muscle memory will just go on ahead and click. You need a confirmation button for this. This is obvious.

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    Sorry to hear you were bounced around. Customer Support is always looking for ways to improve, and we will review this case as an example of how our services can be bettered.

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