Okay I like trying to build thematic builds and that seems to me to be the idea behind the Iconics. The one I am having the hardest time doing though, is the PDK. I really really want to make use of the cormyr knights training that allows cha to hit and damage for swords, but I think I need some help from some expert number's crunchers to do this.

Now I know that you can get str much higher than cha, so for max DPS str is better than cha, but hear me out if you will. That enhancement has one other thing. It is supposed to add 1/3 of your cha bonus to your tactics DCs if your cha is higher than your str. So I want to build it so that my cha just barely stays ahead of my strength to get the most out of both stats for the tactics DCs. This will, hopefully, let me get some higher-than-otherwise-possible tactics DCs, and make a fighter that specializes in said tactics.

The other thing I need help with is specifics on how tactics work. I have a number of specific questions.
1-Do tactics proc on glancing blows in any way, even if it is just the same % chance that magical effects have to proc?

2-Do tactics proc on off hand attacks?

3-Are monk tactical abilities usable while wielding a weapon? if any are, which ones?

4-if I am only splashing monk, will the DCs likely be too low to be worthwhile?

5-Any useful advice that I may not be thinking to ask about?

Then some thoughts on the level split:
A- pure fighter, get capstone for +2 DCs, and tons of feats to do whatever I want with.
B- fighter 12/barbarian 4/bard 4, extra strength bonuses, extra CC and buffs, and ravager has some nice debuffing ability
C- fighter 12/monk 8, get the monk stuns and such to have even more tactical things. this is of course dependant on the answer to one of the above questions

For skills I plan on trying to maximise both bluff and intimidate because both have uses in controlling your opponent, which seems to fit the theme of a tactics build. After that it will be the standard umd/balance and preform if I have bard levels or concentration if I have monk levels.

I plan on going legendary dreadnaught at the epic levels and because of that plan to spend alot of points on the PDK action boost bonuses, with extra stats and temp HP.

Any thing that will help me optimize this thematic build would be appreciated. I know it probably won't be the max-uber-king-of-all-it-surveys but I would like to optimize the idea before I try it out. Thanks for any help in advance.