Don't get me wrong, my 18/2/5 Wizard/Monk/Epic Lich-Monk is hard to kill, and unmatched at soloing most content, but is lacking a little 'oomph' in group play.

Notable Equipment:

Epic Darkstorm Helm (100% Fort Sapphire)
Epic Frozen Tunic (Tier 3)
Epic Rock Boots (Tier 1)
Con Op Greensteel Cloak
Grave Wrappings


574HP - 2200+ SP
Stunning Fist (DC 50)
Base Melee Damage 5.5(1d6)


I currently have three modes of play style, according to the situation

1. Lich Form+Melee with Displacement and Haste in Fire stance - To build up KI for Grandmaster of Flowers abilities, which she has maxxed out.

2. Wraith Form+Displacement - In a situation where there is a lot of incoming melee and arrow damage.

3. Lich Form + Staff - Pure caster mode.


Just wondering what equipment I should gun for from 25-28, what I could do to augment my current abilities further, and is there anything else I may have missed that could help me?

Any and all advice would be appreciated.