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    Quote Originally Posted by TrinityTurtle View Post
    I'll admit, I don't care about the issue too much either way in general, but what really annoys me is when I'm in a group with people who are complaining about how easy the game is using the exploit. X_X Seriously? They MADE a choice to use it, it doesn't just happen and randomly fire off, and then they're complaining it's too easy. *bangs head on desk*
    Yeah, I've seen that too. Quite hilarious.

    And then we have the various rationalizations why it should be allowed. Those are quite entertaining as well.

    I've started posting lfms with "no exploits" in the comments. Last time I had a guy join and argue with me about it being exploit then squelched me for disagreeing with him. It certainly takes all kinds.

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    For me, I have a guildie that put it perfectly, IMO:
    "Honestly? With many new games arriving on the scene to compete with ddo and money making being (one) of their primary motivations of course they want it too be easy to TR ... Not level initially mind you... But TR. They want as many people at higher levels as possible buying new packs and playing new content. Using twists are the equivalent of stones of exp. "

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