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    Smile DDOGamer: I Can't Believe You'd Take Something to Sell Over Renown

    Quest reward quandary:

    -> Renown? Or loot?

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    I earn more renown IN the quest in most cases than at the end reward list between the monster kill addups and the chest renown. So I have no problem with taking something from the end list if I want it. 85% of the time my end lists are junk and renown it is, but I don't think people should feel bad about taking something they want from a loot list instead, even if it's just to make some plat/shards. You earned renown in the first place getting TO the end reward list unless something went horribly wrong.
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    I'm not a guild leader (or officer) so I generally only take reknown if everything else is really bad. I do occasionally put stuff in the guild chest, and if I happen to be on the ship when an amenity has expired I just renew it no big deal. Like the previous poster said, I earn reknown other ways. No need to take it as an end reward unless you want to, or perhaps if the guild is close to next level.

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    For me Major Mnems and Leg Vics are ALWAYS at the Top!

    Heroic Deeds would be much higher up the list too.

    Yes I take the Leg Vics {and poss Imp Trophies} Over Major Mnems BUT I don't expect my Guildies to do so.

    With the New Forgotten Realms stuff I'm even finding myself taking Tales of Valour {the most likely renown in those end reward lists} over NAMED Loot!
    And this is NAMED Loot I haven't already Got!

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    Level 100 guild with 15 million over the cap. Why would I take renown?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    Level 100 guild with 15 million over the cap. Why would I take renown?
    20 million plat across gimps, level 90 guild with 8 accounts. Why wouldn't I take heroic deeds ?

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    Default Reknown

    If there isin't an item I can use I will take reknown. Better for the good of the order and to keep my bag clean.

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    I will preface this with the following:

    1. I'm plat capped
    2. I take major mnemonic potions over loot and renown (even though I have a pretty large stock pile)
    3. I'm a guild officer of a guild that is not level 100 with renown to spare.
    4. Decay is no longer an issue to concern myself with.

    If the items in the list are not useful to me or a guild mate I will look to the renown. If there is a Major in the list I will take that over the renown no matter what amount it is.

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    I take tomes and sp pots above all else. (At least in the past tomes were in reward lists, got my very first tome that way when I first started playing)

    Next would be very valuable combos +6 glaciation of evocation mastery would be a big one pre shadowfail.

    Then renown.

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    if there is something marketable (extremly rare now with u19 loot changes) ill take that,but mostly its rn or pots

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    +5 Healer's Kits...always... And Hair Dyes, which drop mostly on my WF...
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    As I'm in a rather small guild, my list is simple:
    Renown, unless it's 50/150 and there's an sp pot on offer.

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    Order I use:

    1) Tome +3 or higher
    2) Loot that I or a guildy will use
    3) Renown > Heroic deeds
    4) Mnemonic
    5) Heroic deeds
    6) the rest

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    Small family guild, level 38 or so, no plat capped characters, just having fun:

    1. Tomes
    2. Ooooh shiny!!!!
    3. Legendary Victory
    4. Ooooh shiny!!!
    5. Impressive trophy
    6. Ooooh shiny!!
    7. SP pots
    8. Ooooh shiny!
    9. Other renoun
    10. Ooooh shiny
    11. Other stuff to vendor

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    1. tomes(in all forms)
    2. pots
    3. item with moderately useful mods or otherwise a decent crafting base
    4. reknown
    5. what seems like it would vendor for the most

    i dont even bother with heroic deeds, when we had reknown decay i would have started grabbing up heroic deeds just to help out if i had a pot ticking away, otherwise i would still rather have a few extra plat. thats just me though... as im not rich by any stretch of the imagination.
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