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    Default Sorcerer can be a entire healer at citw

    EN: as a main healer, challengeable to do.

    EH: at least a main-healer needed, I was a semi-healer. It's not good idea of being a main-healer there.

    (no image,)

    EE: I didn't do this yet. I'm not sure about this. doing this is not good idea at all I think. Bard or Druid would be better.

    Stuff I prepared:
    Healing Scrolls x200(I used them 100 scrolls below, It won't cost much.)
    potency or healing spell power offhand weapon(you can get 100~140 healing spell power)
    Rejuvenation cocoon
    Divine Wrath(to cast, You need to get healing stack from light spells)

    Divine Warth is actually not good for healing, but It's only AoE heal I can cast.

    the thing you must know:
    the healing spells are limited, and AoE Heal is difficult to use. when all party member in danger, It'd be really difficult to save them.

    Well, It's really unusual fun. generally I should focus on heal, but I can attack or have to cast light spell for stacks to cast Divine Wrath.
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    well done.

    Done plenty of citw on normal with no divines, clerics/fs/ or druids and no bards either.

    One time we even had 3 characters with no self healing at all, 2 fighters and a barb and two of them where warforged........... we made do with healing spring, most people had cocoon, some also had scrolls, there was couple rangers and a paladin who also had cures, and loh for the paladin, was a pretty fast run, the wf barb did kind of get a bit upset that he had to dial it back a bit because people where starting to get annoyed with how much damage he would take, and how little amp he had,(rushing ahead of everyone aggroing a lot of mobs, then not being able to handle it.) its hard to top up on like 600 or so sp bar and your ticks of cocoon are hitting him for 20-30 when they hit you for 100+ . But yeah been doing quite a few raids now no jhealers, even shortmanned waiting for hours is not much fun.

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    I've had my bard, ranger and pally as healers, but never my sorc.

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