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    Default Vip new player looking for a good Server and Guild home.

    Hey all,

    I have played dnd since I was 11 years old, then muds in my adult life then around 12-13 AAA MMO's.
    I just subbed for the 3 month VIP deal however a day before the all servers were down for 2 days.
    So my plan to create newbies was delayed due to the Turbine outage.

    I love to group in all Games, as much as can.
    I do understand its 2013 and sometimes in MMO's you have to solo sometimes as well.
    I am seeking a Excellent server that is crowded with lots of groups,trade etc happening.
    I would prefer a server that is good population that way most the time we can get groups and the server feels more alive with more players etc.
    Can someone list the most crowded servers USA in order?

    Then the most crowded servers Euro times in Order?

    I am also looking for a excellent guild that is mature, drama free that does some groups weekly and daily sometimes.
    I would hope that guild did not mind me being a total newbie to this game and having to learn for the next 1-6 months etc.

    I do realize that this was not a normal weekend due to holiday, as well as our game being down for almost 28 hours.

    I have seen the server forums but I did not want to post on each shard lol, the same thing so I asked here.

    please let me know all ty!

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    Default Khyber

    If you are looking for a good population with lots of groups usually up, I suggest Khyber. I've been on a few of the other servers and nothing seems to beat this one.

    Good luck and welcome to the addiction.
    .............. seems nothing is safe .....................

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    I must say, that today when the servers finally came up.
    I was finally able to play all day and night but so farr its been Horrible due to have not been to find groups and every server I have tried on top of that just has a bunch of elite conceded players, that even asking questions in advice either ignore you or berate you for being a new player to the game.

    I am hoping all these players many servers are not normal typical of DDO, that due to Holiday weekend being ruined by turbine with 28 hour downtime they are just angry still cause of that.
    I do hope and pray I am, wrong cause as complex as this game is, I want to be here for next few years thru many new expansions, as I learn the game.
    Like I said I signed up for 3 month VIP, but due to turbine delay, I cant seem to find a server that has good population as well as really good guilds and is mature as well as drama free, and helpful to new players, let alone even 1 guild being decent that takes new players and does not mind teaching them some here and there, as well as being to run groups in guild.

    I am going to pray that all the servers and guilds aren't like what I dealed with today in the future.


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    There is type O on the post I just made above on the bottom left corner but these forums edit does not seem to work at all.

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