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Thread: The gear hangar

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    Exclamation The gear hangar

    The gear hanger system:
    equippable item -- space conservation item
    conserve space, preserve desired equipment, reduce downtime between level up

    inventory page change: gear hanger equip slot'(s)
    bank change page: page'(s) explicitly for hangers storage. Possibility persists through TR removing the need of removing from TR cache.
    NPC -- sells empty hangers ?

    double click hanger in inventory opens gear hanger change page:
    Panel similar to equipped gear panel.
    Button to change name of hanger for faster indentification thereof.
    Functions by draggin gear to/from panel slot adding/removing that item from gearhanger / inventory adding it to hanger panel "inventory" / inventory as appropiate.

    Equipping Gear Hanger:
    1) First checks see what slots need to be emptied.
    2) Returns gear currently equipped to equipped hanger or to inventory as appropiate.
    3) IF gear hanger is to be equipped in currently equipped spot of a hanger.
    4) Have other gear hanger call its un-equip function.
    5) Gear Hanger equips to gear hanger equip slot.
    6) Items in the hanger then become equipped.
    7) Hanger ICON changes to show ALL items EQUIPPED empty hangar icon 0 of #. where # is total # of items belonging to gear hangar before equipping.
    8) Gear Hanger status changes to locked.

    Equipping Item into slot belonging to current hangar:
    1) Item becomes unequipped and returns to appropiate gear hanger.
    2) updates gear icon to partially equipped
    3) updates # of MAX to reflect change

    USEING gear hangar from keyboard shortcut / action bar:
    1) If gear hangar icon = partial call equip macro
    2) If gear hanger icon = full-equipped call un-equip macro
    3) If gear hanger icon = not-equipped call equip macro

    UN-equip gear-hangar:
    1) return all gear belonging to gear hangar to gear hangar.
    2) update gear hangar icon to full
    3) update gear hangar # of MAX to reflect change
    4) update status to unlocked

    MOUSE HOVER of gear hangar
    1) Shows name of Gear hangar
    2) Shows list of slots + items in those slots
    3) Plat required to repair gear of the items within gear hangar

    Things I would assume would apply to a "Gear Hangar"
    Gear Hanger will border color will temporarly change to match gear hangar slot color.
    Items equipped as result of equipping Gear hangar will have border color matching Gear Hangar. So as to allow for easy identification of what items belong to a particular hangar.
    Gear hangar cannot be sold, vendored, destroyed unless all previous gear in hangar is first removed.
    Gear hangar assumes status of bound to character / account or neither depending upon items within the gear hangar thus allowing exchange if appropiate by use of shared storage and or character exchange
    Gear hangar is not allowed to be sold in auction house.
    Gear hangar could be seen as quick switch of multiple gears -- e.g. hangar for all ur self buff clicky gear then switch back to normal gear etc etc.
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    As we talked about before you posted, I like that it would be a quick swap that includes all gear instead of just a weapon set like we currently have, for example between DPS set up (gear/weapons) and a tanking set up for a melee toon, or quick spell focus/spell power swaps for casters

    nice convenience item that could generate TP sales for Turbine and free up even more inventory for an older toon
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    personally think something like this should of been in game long long long time ago.

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    Hummm.. I think I suggested this around 9 months ago, or something like it at least.

    Anyway, yah, new ideas, good stuff, as always, more ideas the merrier.

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    Looked at your idea think both ideas could be used together. Tabs indicated in your thread could be hanger equip slots I was talking about in my thread. This way create "suite" with hanger system then wear suite with your tab system this way have easy management.

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    People have been asking for things like this since I started playing in 2010.
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