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I'm a returning player, find this new enhncement system a bit confusing yet, I would like to hear some ideas about how to optimize a my gf's character, a cleric/fighter halfling who uses great axes.

So far there is a lvl 6 cleric/ lvl 1 fighter lawful good halfling (for flavor) I'd like to continue from here, but have that lesser lr +20 if really necessary. The char in it's second life (we TR-ed when we came back to start from lvl 1)

starting stats:
s: 15 (all lvl up here)
d: 10
c: 14
i: 12 (to have max heal, spellcraft, conc, some jump..)
w: 14
ch:13 (to use divine might later)

in previous life it was 18 cleric/2 fighter, want something similar: so a melee great axe user with spells. But the game has changed a lot.. in the past getting fighter 2 for the str enhancement was a good deal, but now there are many other sources of damage as i see, less feat requirements for prestige classes.

any idea how to develop the character? no clonk, please, i think it's too late to get rogue levels unless lr again. i was thinking 19 cleric/1 fighter, or maybe 14 cleric/6 fighter (divine might+ kensei psionic stuff fo high str)
I'd like to have big melee dps, but i also think the new spell like abilities are good options even w/o big investments (searing light for exmaple). I1d like to hear ideas about which tree is the best for this character. in the past it had the healing aura and my gf liked it.

Seems to me like the goal is more of just leveling to have some fun, so we will ignore anything related to epics.

Try out the divine disciple tree for the SLAs, but be sure to pick up maximize and empower first, there is no added cost with these on the way up. I have my own divine disciple and love it, especially out in desecrated temple of vol. Won't have all the fancy bursts and such for healing, but if something is already dead before it hits you do you need the healing?

A second option would be the defensive tree, at tier 5 it gives a permanent blur, and adds the spell into the cleric book at level 3 i think. Great if you don't have a wizard/bard/sorc to pass out blur. Various stuff in the tree will boost hitpoints and armor class, making the cleric more durable when in there swinging the greataxe. Not tried one myself (i did try a mix of one with 6 cleric and 6 paladin but did not run a lot of quests), but it should be pretty tough and need less healing. I'd think grab empower heal then whatever other feats you wanted.