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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitering View Post
    There are some skills balance rolls against being knocked down, but they are few,
    really? Which ones?
    mostly it's reflex, or str/dex saves. I don't know, I usually have a plenty high dex on my casters.


    Balance is a nice skill to have.. But NOT nice than UMD on a sorc.

    there really are not that many quests with significantly dangerous traps that MUST be gone through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Severlin View Post
    We don't envision starting players with Starter Gear and zero knowledge playing on Hard or Elite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemoneyes View Post
    little hint
    Korthos SP Necklace gives enough SP for DDoor
    Right, forgot to mention it. I call it the "ddoor necklace." hehheh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Impaqt View Post
    really? Which ones?
    There's an actual balance check during the titan raid, and.. um... one more place in the game, maybe the berserk titan in blown to bits?

    The balance needed to get up quickly is roughly 17, so depending on your dex, armor, buffs, etc you may not need that much in the skill.

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    Honestly I've never considered traps to be a concern on any class. Almost every trap has safe spots, can be timed, jumped over, etc. The key is to know where they are.

    This can be done by using your face (which is how I learn 90% of the traps in the game). I've died hundreds of times to traps, and don't care. I find traps to be part of the fun of DDO, and being surprised by the first time you get hit by them is iconic... I have had plenty of quests where I had double digit deaths. (this is also the reason I tend to solo my first runs so I don't have people just telling me everything or crying over 10%).

    This can also be done by using the Wiki. There are many kind DDO players that post dungeon walkthroughs with traps zones and their boxes listed on the maps. This makes it extra easy to know where to use your hasted jumps for trap avoidance.

    First life a rogue. Lets you learn where all the traps are the safe and easy way. Learning where all the trap boxes are though... see first two. Though using your face is much safer as you have evasion and high reflex.

    Admittedly with the addition of Spell Wards, the stat of being able to avoid getting hit by basically 100% ends. They now have unsaveable damage, debuffs that slow/paralyze, full spherical coverage so they can't be jumped past, etc. There may be safe paths, but without solid visual cues that classic traps have, that's very difficult to determine. HOWEVER, you as a Sorc are armed with a powerful Ward killing tool: Mordenkainen's Disjunction. This spell previously had little use as it served no functional purpose over Dispel in PvE... Now it's a spell you should carry in post U14 quests when there is no rogue in your party. Dispells will also weaken Spell Wards, but can't actually kill them like Disjunction can. If you carry that instead, it can be used to weaken wards to surviveable points before going past. Unfortunately knowing where they are doesn't help you disable them - they need to be searched for or triggered once by yourself or your hire.

    Traps aside, as most people have said, you should be getting UMD. UMD is the single most important skill in the game - gives you access to heals, resurrection, and buffs. You can pick ANY skill you have now and dump it for UMD, and be better off. As a Sorc, UMD actually can be an active skill that you don't have to gear swap for, making it easy for you to flip to a scroll and save yourself or a party member with that heal or rez your hire that you sent ahead to trigger traps.
    For you, I'd probably dump concentration. Especially as a class with little to no PRR, end game pretty much everything is going to hit you for over 100 and interrupt you, making it only really useful to Monks for KI. But better yet would be to get an INT tome. +2 tomes are cheap and that would give you more skill points to work with so you can get UMD *and* keep your concentration (since it's nice in lower level content or when the hits are indeed small enough).

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    Consider using this as a guide.

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