So I've finally succumbed to temptation and decided to make a pure 20 dwarf fighter. Don't ask me why, it's just an itch I've had for about a year.

First, the credentials:
Been playing for 5 years, off and on
I have 5 multi-life TR's (highest is on his 12th life)
I know plenty about spellcasters, rogues, and monks and a little about paladins, but nothing about fighters
I'm an oddball: I like my characters pure (only time I ever multi'd was a 18/2 pali fighter tank which now sits collecting dust)

first life 32 point build (with veteran 7 status)
pure 20 class
full +2 tomes available
two-weapon fighting

So, I have a few questions:

1. CON or STR? I've flip-flopped on this issue and, with the new enhancements, I can't decide. Dwarves can use their CON instead of STR for damage, but I've wondered about this, simply because there are many important combat feats that require strength: cleave, great cleave, power attack, and overwhelming critical to name the most common. Fighters also get that +8 psionic bonus to strength via enhancements. This also leads to a dilemma with question two.

2. TWF: dwarven axes for damage or warhammers and try to go for a stun build? I know, I know, warhammers aren't exactly top notch dps, but they have a certain appeal to me, for some reason. I can't explain why; either weapon would do, but I'd like some input on those who know more about melee-weapon combat than myself.

3. Pure fighter or pure ranger? I'm leaning heavily towards a fighter build for the extra feats and such, but a tempest ranger has good survivability and can help with the TWF feats and TWF damage. Or go totally off-the-wall and go pure paladin?