I pay to play, and I purchase x-packs and turbine points every once in a while. So when I am not allowed to use a service that has been purchased its kind of aggravating when interruption in service seems to happen in one way or another daily. Allmost non stop lag spikes , server crashes and such really hamper what little game time I actually am allowed to set aside.
So from my end, if I weren't to pay for my monthly subscription or be late with payment I would simply have my account reverted to free to play regardless if I were to tell turbine "Sorry I had a technical issue with my funding and will start paying as soon as the issue is resolved, thanks for your patience".
All im saying is from the customer end for something that has been payed for upfront, there seems to be a lot of expectations of forgiveness.
If your sorry why not figure a way to pay the fans that "power ddo" back a bit. Yeah sure cheap tp point days and all the such are just ways to make the bills when it comes down to it.

How about this, xp per minute downtime.
Figure up what the average xp per minute per quest is ran on elite with all applicable bonuses affecting it. How long it takes to run quest and come up with a xp per minute value.
Server crashes for a extended period of time, take the xp per minute value x duration of downtime, stick it on a xp stone like the ones coming out of the daily dice and stick it in everyones inventory.

Just a thought as it seems quite a few are getting tired of the "Thanks for your patience but buy turbine points this weekend and get a 30% discount" jive that is the usual.