Hey everyone i have been lookin around the forums and saw there were very few bowbarian builds still around. Because my main has 3 GS bows i want to do my barb lives for completionist with a bow. So i came up with a new version of the build

Build Name: BowBarian
Class split: 13/4/3 Barb/Ranger/Rogue

-Barb for past life,Frenzy,rage like crazy, and Great THF dps when manyshot is on cooldown
-Ranger free bow str, Bow Proficiency, and DC 26 Paralyzing arrows that you can equip to your arrows for 20 sp
-Rogue for traps, max UMD, evasion, and 4d6 sneak attack damage per hit

This will be able to solo a lot depending on your play style. There are 2 ways to do this build
#1 Play as a human for the extra feats and try to get max UMD from rogue
#2 Play as a H-elf and use cleric dilettante for 90% heal scrolls

#1 pro extra feat /Con you will not be as successful with heal scrolls as early
#2 pro almost 100% heal scrolls which means almost no fail/Cons you lose a feat and can't get the extra toughness which is the only thing the feat is good for