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    Default Finally get back online and...

    I've finally gotten back online after updating to windows 7 ultimate. I found that I could use a product called Steam to install DDO and it'll install correctly like it's supposed to!

    In anticipation, I waited on baited breath for the 100% install to complete.

    Install... check
    Login... check
    Server Select... check
    Character Login... check

    I log in. My character loads into the screen eventually after a very long wait... ok that's cool. I have to redownload everything so I get that...

    Then... nothing. I can't move, I can't type, I get in my chat box "Your ticket could not be submitted due to..." blah blah... and then... nothing. I wait a few minutes.

    I go get a sandwich, get a glass of water, and return, and as I return I see the screen go black, and then my desktop pop up and the "DDO client has crashed".

    Ok, it was a fluke right? So I reload and do it all over again, only to realize that it freezes again. Maybe something on my computer is keeping it from working correctly... that could be...

    So I control+alt+delete to pull up my Windows Task Manager and realize I have over 10 AwesomeiumProcess.exe's running in the background.

    My jaw drops. So I close all those, and again DDO crashes.

    I'd love to get back into playing DDO. I have a friend of mine that plays and want to play on DDO again as I miss my old characters and I miss playing with the storyline stuff that was going on.

    But as long as this Awesomeium Process thing is going haywire I just can't.

    If you're looking for a new way to access the online store, I suggest you look to other MMO's that offer an online store. Games like Star Trek Online which has an INCREDIBLY stable in-game store. Star Wars: The Old Republic store is not only incredibly stable, but is interactive with buying things via a web page and then being able to claim it almost instantly in-game.

    Whoevers idea it was to use this awsomeium process thing, it's a bad one. Find a new resource, and dump it.

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    If you have the crash on first login try the ddo preloader
    It has cut down loading times for my a lot, also it helps with first login crash.

    If you do not want to rely on that program or if you have the money, get an SSD.
    I suggest a 250gb SSD from Samsung ~160euro, they are cheap and hold as long as all the other.
    Also 250gb is enough for your Windows & the Games

    you can kill the processes if you do not want to access the ingame store/browser
    i kill them each time just to give my system a bit more room and its not as if you would purchase something each day.
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