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    Default Just a fun little story

    Suddenly I appeared in a strange city. All around me were people with weapons, people with hands that glowed brilliant as the light of the sun and people like myself singing tunes and making merry.

    I turned to see a shadow move... no... just a trick of the light. Wait! Yes! There in the eaves of a nearby building I could make out a shape of some person skulking around.
    Quickly I grabbed my purse and tucked it in under my garments, feeling nervous and unsure.

    I wandered the streets wondering where I had appeared. Nothing seemed familiar, and yet I felt at home in this odd place. I felt as if I had found a place where I might belong.

    Finally I found a tavern and stepped within, hoping to find someone who could explain where I was, what I should do. I spoke to a priest and he told me I had arrived in a place called Stormreach. 'What an odd name', I thought.

    He asked me to complete a task for him. I thought about this interesting venture. He told me that many rewards would be mine if I could achieve his task. I decided I should undertake it and see what this strange land held for me.

    I followed his directions to the place in which he had asked me to go and stepped inside. I was immediately faced by a strange metal dog, who did not by any means look friendly. I grasped my quarterstaff tightly and stepped forth to dispatch the creature.

    Next thing I knew I was on my back. The creature had spewed some sort of oily substance upon the floor and began chewing on my leg. I stumbled and finally regained some balance, continuing to beat on him, finally succeeding and realizing I would need to be more careful. This quest I had undertaken was not going to be easy but I would succeed.

    The task took some time and many stops to heal myself, but in the end I did finally succeed and returned to the priest. He kindly thanked me and offered me the choice of many useful items. I chose a new helm and thanked the man. He told me to seek out others like him and continue my journey, for I had a destiny to fulfill.

    I turned and left the tavern and began my new journey, accepting my fate.

    Upon leaving the tavern I discovered a posting board with others who were undertaking similar tasks and seeking assistance. Excited to not take on the tasks ahead alone I requested to join others upon their paths and was accepted into a group of brave souls.

    Upon their vests they all wore the same symbol and the word Ransack. I inquired about their garments and they told me of guilds within this realm. Guilds of people who work together for a common goal. Guilds of people who had much knowledge of this realm and were willing to share it. They told me about Ransack and the highly trained members within.

    I asked how I might become one of their ranks, and they kindly explained that I needed to gain some experience within the realm and work with them over the course of time to see if I would be a good fit. I asked that they call on me when they could so I might prove my value and they agreed.

    Over the next few weeks I worked with this group many times and grew to enjoy their company. I learned and followed. I became a part of their team. Then one day I was asked if I would like to join their ranks and I gladly accepted this kind offer.

    Now I proudly display the colors of Ransack, what I have now learned is one of the oldest guilds in the realm and where I have found a welcome home and wonderful friends.

    My adventure continues and I am proud to have the other members of Ransack by my side upon this mysterious journey.
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