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    Default Repository of U19+ Solo EE/Raid Capable Builds.

    I'm primarily a soloer I love that this game actually gives us the ability to do 6 and 12 man content solo if we and our build are good enough. I'm currently playing a 15wiz/3fvs/2mnk Shiradi which is a beast and a half. I've gotten slightly bored and have been looking for some new builds. Not only are there a HUGE amount of builds floating around but its tough to find well written decent builds that actually explain what they are capable of in relation to anything relevant. Many will talk about how strong a build something is then later say "well duh this obviously isn't a EE build...".

    This all led me to start this thread in hopes that WE as a community can put all our knowledge into one place to help ourselves and newer players access the wealth of knowledge available without having to waste hours digging through hundreds of pages just to find a decent build. If this works we can start other threads aimed at other specific build subtypes.

    I'd like this to stay focused on builds that can solo most if not all EE quest content in the game and many raids at Epic levels. It doesn't matter if it takes tons of past lives and tomes but personally I'd prefer it if people would state early on if their build relies on having a bunch of tough to acquire gear before it can do newer EE's solo.

    I think it would be good to have a loose format similar to the below.

    <Race, Class split/pure, main destiny and "name"if applicable>
    <Concise explanation of the build, how it plays, what its stat highlights are and a short testimonial of your builds capabilities and video links if possible>
    <Insert link to you builds thread or a add summary of it here (i.e. stats, feats etc...) if you haven't started one elsewhere>

    WF, 15Wiz/3fvs/2mnk

    Essentially it plays like many MM spamming Shiradi caster. Not much more that can really be said you run around spamming MM,CM,FM and SR whenever you aren't using something to keep your butt alive.

    Near infinite SP doing your standard Single and multi target rotation.
    High albeit unreliable Shiradi offense.
    Respectable defense with 28% dodge, Displacement, Incorp 10%, solid saves (mid 50s - low 60's with **** gear), amazing self heals, near 1k health.
    Low twist requirements. You can honestly get away with 3 1st tier twists but personally I like having a 4th tier for Sense Weakness.

    As a testimonial all I can say is that with VERY minor gear investment you can solo all EE quest content in the game. You can literally yawn your way through everything on EH while leveling destinies.

    Build is based on CDR's Shiradi build

    I have some different Epic feats and priorities but for the most part things are very similar.
    The Feat differences are that I think Ruin and Hellball(for Shiradi) are underrated. My saves are in the low 60's so I think I'm still a little low to burn a feat on a 'no fail on 1' especially when I can twist one in if needed. Also its so nice to have on demand burst as a Shiradi. Believe it or not Hellball you can get far more mileage out of it than advertised. Just play/jump around with it and you will see what I mean.

    I also have started to think that Radiance may be on/near the same level of importance as Sonic so I've incorporated having Impulse, Sonic and Radiance all @ 138 by using 2 short swords Impulse/Kinetic and Recon/Spell Lore VIII both with red slots and the Sages ring to make up for the potency loss.
    My twists and gear are different but almost everyone suits those to their own playstyle. I think CDR has excellent explanations of the whats and why's of his choices that allow you to make informed personal decisions so I won't go into it and waste both our time when he did such a great job.

    A big thanks to -
    All the build savants out there that have made this game so much more fun for me.
    Those that (hopefully) post in this thread to enrich the community.
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