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    Default Fury of the Sun - A Random attempt to make the Morninglord Interesting

    OK, this isn’t an attempt to make the best build at…well, anything in the game. It is an attempt to think outside of the box and find an interesting use for the Morninglord iconic apart from a boring, sub-par cleric build.

    + Find something useful for the forced cleric level(s).
    + Find value in the unique Sun Elf racial enhancements.
    + Be fun to play with acceptable DPS and survivability.
    + Play a Frenzied Berserker (yeah, I just said Frenzied Berserker on an elf) that isn’t a complete drain on the party cleric.
    + Be playable as close to “Out of the box” as possible; i.e., no necessary tomes, as little additional gear required as possible to begin play, and no investment in case you hate it and just want to delete it.

    So, without further ado, I present…

    The Fury of the Sun; a.k.a. The Mourning Lord

    Sun Elf iconic Cleric 2/Barbarian 18

    Starting Abilities (32 pt):
    Strength: 18
    Dexterity: 8
    Constitution: 16
    Intelligence: 10
    Wisdom: 8
    Charisma: 8

    All level ups go into strength to reach 23 and qualify for Overwhelming Critical at level 21.

    Feats (In your preferred order):
    Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (Bludgeoning), Two-handed Fighting, Improved Two-handed Fighting, and Greater Two-handed Fighting.

    Max out Heal, all others at your preference (I ended up doing balance, jump, and tumble)

    Sun Elf Racial (23 AP):
    Core: Elven Accuracy 1
    Tier 1: Rejuvination of Dawn 2, Mourninglord Weapon Training
    Tier 2: Blessing of Amaunator 3 Mourninlord Weapon Training
    Tier 3: Morninglord Weapon training
    Tier 4: Aura of Radiance 3, Morninglord Weapon Training, Skill

    Radiant Servant (11 AP):
    Core: Healing Domain
    Tier 1: Extra Turning 3, Wand Mastery 1
    Tier 2: Divine Healing 3

    Frenzied Berserker (37 AP):
    Core: Die Hard, Toughness 1, Frenzy, Toughness 2, Death Frenzy
    Tier 1: Extra Rage 3, Power Rage 2
    Tier 2: Angry Arms 3, Blood Tribute 3, Sprint Boost 3
    Tier 3: Mad Munitions 3, Constitution
    Tier 4: Exhausting Blow 3, Constitution
    Tier 5: Focus Wide, Focused Wrath 2

    Ravager (4 AP):
    Core: Furious Rage
    Tier 1: Barbarian Power Attack 3

    Occult Slayer (5 AP):
    Core: Weapon Bond
    Tier 1: Extend rage 3, Uncanny Dodger 1

    I’ve only played around with this lightly at level 15, and it seemed decently effective. The only gear I gave him apart from the morninglord starter gear was a level 12 Mournlode Maul that I had on another character. A level 16 and a level 20 version of this would actually be a pretty nice weapon for this build. Keeping this in mind, at level 15 he had the following static stats with gear (not buffed/raged):

    HP: 312
    SP: 177
    Str: 26
    Dex: 8
    Con: 22
    Int: 10
    Wis: 15
    Cha: 14

    Some key elements of the build are as follows:
    1) Morninglord Weapon Training apparently gives +1 attack/+2 damage with each tier to Mauls. This is noteworthy because all of the other Weapon Training enhancements that I’ve looked at alternate between +1 damage and +2 damage for two-handed weapons. It’s only a net +2 damage, but kind of neat.
    2) Rejuvenation of the Dawn, while relatively useless to a cleric, is a nice insta-heal cure-all for a barbarian, and is usable while raging (Tested). So, you can be near death and back to full in 2-3 seconds.
    3) Blessing of Amaunator, is again not too useful for clerics apart from saving about 105 spell points (which can be nice), but for a melee build to be able to essentially cast Mass Aid, Mass Spell Resistance, and Mass Deathward is pretty nifty. I don’t know about all of you, but I HATE negative levels on my builds that don’t have easy access to deathward, and often use hirelings while soloing simply for ones that can cast deathward. So, this is a really nice benefit when soloing or playing in a small group without a dedicated healer. Even if you are in a party with a real cleric, you can use this during the buff phase and save him/her 105 spell points.
    4) Aura of Radiance is just nifty in that it does 2d10 light damage every time you are attacked, regardless of if you are hit or missed. As a barbarian, I imagine you will be getting attacked a ton.
    5) Radiant Servant gives you access to Divine Healing, which is usable while raging (tested). At level 15, with a 33 modifier to heal (thanks to maxed ranks and +13 heal item), which is 66 seconds of 4d4 healing every 2 seconds. That’s an average of 10 hp per tick, or 330 damage. I have 8 uses thanks to a 15 charisma (+7 from morninglord starter equipment) and the extra turning enhancement. This seems to be more than enough to keep up with vicious from frenzy and some of the other hit point expenditures from frenzied berserker.
    6) Cleric 2 gives me Cure Light Wounds, plus 3 spells. I’m currently feeling like the better options are Remove Fear (10 minute static duration, +4 morale bonus to fear saves), Nightshield (5 minute minimum duration, immunity to magic missile), and Protection from Evil (5 minute minimum duration, warded against mental control/compulsions). I also have the capacity to use various wands without UMD when I’m not raged, which can be useful.

    Anyway, I just did some quick, basic testing stomping around in the Storm Horns wilderness, but I seemed quite capable of holding my own and staying healed for a fair amount of time, solo and without a hireling. I realize there are probably many more effective builds out there, but, like I said, I’m just trying to find something interesting to do with the Morninglord. Let me know what you think!

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    If you can, take Divine Might from Protection tree.

    With your CHA you gain 2 STR. Ship buff and +1CHA tome and you'll gain 4 STR.

    Anyway, thanks for numbers about Divine Healing, I couldn't get how it works.

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