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    Default frustrated with Cursed Crypt


    I'm new to DDO and have been enjoying it quite a bit up until today when I tried to finish The Cursed Crypt. Wow what an exercise in frustration. I'm a level 14 artificer, with dropped/quested items, so I thought I'd be able to finish this, but I just logged out of the game after failing it 5 times in a row. No matter what I did or what orders I gave my pet/hirelings, I could not finish the quest. Either the hypnotized silver flame guys got caught in the crossfire and went down, or if I ordered everything to be passive, I would get ganged up on and killed, no matter what I did. I was using a cleric and fighter hireling.

    I'm kind of at my wits end with this quest, and I have no idea how to complete it. I don't want to skip it...anyone have any suggestions for how to finish that up as a solo player w/ hirelings?

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    I'd suggest starting by dumping the hirelings and pets. Both are bad news on "don't kill" quests.

    If you can't handle it on your own, go with a lower difficulty and only pull things in small groups that you can handle.

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    The key is pulling the vampire without pulling the silver flame guys. I believe he has true seeing so he'll be able to see you when you get close enough when using invisibility or sneak or whatever. Then back off and wait for him to come to you. be careful not to let him get to deep into the green stuff or he'll rubber band back to his starting position with full life. This life I had to retry that quest 5 times before I could complete it in time.

    DDOWiiki has a decent walkthrough:

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    Quote Originally Posted by cymorile View Post
    I don't want to skip it...anyone have any suggestions for how to finish that up as a solo player w/ hirelings?
    Put the hireling on passive and manually control it. Go into the keyboard settings and assign hotkeys to the heal button on the hireling.
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    Precise shot (the feat) comes in handy in this one.

    You can also tell your hireling to heal or mass heal the vampire. It will damage the vampire but won't harm the silver flame guys.
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