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    Default Morninglord Cleric's Weapon Proficiency

    When making a Morninglord Cleric, the enhancements Morninglord Weapon Training: Grants you +1 to attack and damage with morningstars, maces, and hammers. Grants +1 to attack and +2 damage with mauls. Yet you don't get proficiency for hammers or mauls? Why would you get an attack bonus if you can't use them? Is that a bug? Some sort of over sight?

    I really want to use hammers on my Morninglord cleric without having to splash and I don't see why it's necessary to spend a feat on the proficiency when they already get bonuses. Plus having a feat to spare becomes a problem as well, since there are so many feats that I could make better use of instead. Why are they not already proficient with them?

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    you should get an ability that give you proficiency to these weapon.. should be part of your deity feat..

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