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    Default Sorc / Fvs/ Paladin - Ultimate magic missile spammer :)

    After the expansion pass i noticed my shiradi 18 sorc / 2 paladin is not as good as it was before. Sure it still was good in ee, was able to solo stuff, but there was noticable nerf to my dps.

    So i came up with this build, tested it today and it work very good, as there is no planer for new enchantment that i know i just post general split and general idea of build.

    Class split:

    13 sorc - all important spells, mm, chain m, force m, dots, aoe, recon, haste/rage/displacment. Can scroll all needed buffs and pick few other usefull spells (knock,invisi, lvl drain etc)

    2 paladin - with my charisma +18 to all saves, cant pass that

    5 favored soul - open angel tree wich bring a lot of spell power into build, spell power action boost, shield buff for -10% mob fort, even moar saves (fvs > sorc on saves) , more spell critical

    Starting stats (36 build)

    con: 18 +4 tome (need at least +3)
    int: 16 (for skills, and spellpower) +5 tome
    cha: 16 (all lvl ups here or con i prefer here) +5 tome


    Max/emp/quick/Force of Personality (a must another +18 to will save)/Toughness/Mental Toughness/Imp Mental Toughness/Epic Toughness/Epic Mental Toughness/Epic Reflex/Past life wiz if you can


    Max: Spellcraft, perform (yes for sonic spell power a big portion of shiradi proc is sonic), repair, concentration, rest in balance/jump/umd - whatever you want i gone with balance

    Points in enchantment trees:

    Racial: hp/fort
    Air savant: just as many to get wind dance
    Angel of Vengeance: Scourge and bonuses to it, all smiting line, spell power boost, 2x charisma, intense faith - put as many points as you can in this tree as every single point is 1% spell power

    Spells you want at cap:
    Magic Missile, Force Missile, Chain Missile, Ice storm, Cloudkill, Acid fog, reconstruct, knock, haste, rege, displacment, Ice dot, Elec dot, ddoor, Enervation

    Ed: Shiradi
    Twists (very important): Energy burst, endless faith, brace of impact/anything ocasional

    This build bring me to:

    800 hp
    3600 sp

    saves over 9000
    265 fort

    And dps so big that its silly

    When i find good planer for new enchantment system i try to repost this build as i think its very good and help to just rush trough ee content.

    Sorry for my english im not native english speaker.
    Just want to add that build is ,,ultimate mm spammer,, for me, im sure ppl build other great shiradi builds. Also someone recomended me split today with more fvs lvls and less sorc lvls for bb spam and it look very good also and for sure will try it.
    (I lost one space before Sorc / Fvs / Paladin in thread name seems cant fix that :P)

    Have fun all
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