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    Angry Crafted Weapons

    All old 2d weapon crafting blanks are now 1.5....booooo.
    Sad Panda.

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    Not if the total enhancement is high enough for the weapon to qualify for 'Epic' (+11 I think?)

    But yeah, Booooo!
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    Really? I rather like the changes since it no longer means I need to hunt for epic versions of esoteric material weapons (silver, adamantine, cold iron). And yes, as long as the enhancements total +11 or greater you get the +1[w] damage die.

    And cannith crafted apparently can not scale item ML past level 20.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Melondrop View Post
    All old 2d weapon crafting blanks are now 1.5....booooo.
    Sad Panda.
    The weapons were not downgraded per se. Instead the base damage now depends entirely on the total enhancement value instead of the base weapon, thus depending on the enhancements a former AML 20 weapon may now deal less damage than it did before the update.

    The bad thing about this change is that you now have to ensure your weapon has a high enough total enhancement value if you want to increase its base damage. The thresholds are +6 for +0.5[W] (paragon weapon) and +11 for +1.0[W] (epic weapon).

    The good thing, however, is that it will now be easier to get base weapons with special material properties, as you do not have to look for AML 20 weapons anymore.

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