Currently have:
EE thunder & lightning Thunder and Lightning - Handwraps - (Total unarmed dice increase: +1,5[W]), +7 Enhancement, Shock VIII, Shrieking VIII, Impact II, Red Augment Slot
EE Consuming Darkness - Ring: Seeker +12Seeker, Combat Mastery +5, Green Augment Slot
EE Shadowsight - Goggles: Ethereal, Wisdom +11, Accuracy X, Green Augment Slot

Currently want (in order of importance):
EE backstabbers gloves ( x3 pairs required)
EE Nether orb (Necro+5, evocation +5, enchant+5 versions only)
Con or Str +9 or 10, seeker 9 or 10 Green slot or Yellow & colorless slot boots (must have at least str/con9 seeker9 green slot or yellow and colorless)
Deadly 9 or 10, resistance 9 or 10 with a green slot or yellow and colorless slots cloak
Ottos box
Globe of true blood ml 25
X Pack base codes x 2
TP code/s

EH items:

Thunder & lightning
Consuming darkness
maybe some others need to check.

Find me in game on something in my sig or let someone in renowned know your after me.