Hey all, coming back again from another hiatus. I've been off playing some other games, but they lack the character depth that DDO provides and is what keeps drawing me back in.

The problem is, I always slide back into my old characters and a powergaming style of play here with a dwindling base of friends and guildies. Having played this game since around launch, it's just what I'm accustomed to. I'm looking to change that.

I've had a go or two at PD here before, but the "groups" I've joined were more apt to play solo or were completely devoid of any recklessness. I understand being cautious is important and death is final, don't get me wrong, but where's the fun? While finding a solid PD crawling group would be great, I could really go for some interesting PnP style play with that unique semi-rp socializing that comes along with it... similar to the THAC0 style I've been reading about.

I'm available to play mostly anytime and not opposed to any particular server. If anyone has a spot open or is starting a new group, let me know here or drop me a pm.