So I was in a group with a lowlevel Paladin, me being a level 19 Wizard in lich form, when he suddenly was like "lemme try something"
He proceeded to use Divine Light, mind you, we were not in tavern brawl, not in a quest, we were in public, and this is the Result:
(Combat): _____'s divine light hit you for 180 points of light damage.
He did so twice and I was killed. I left the group to try and reproduce it, turns out you can kill any random Pale Master in undead form that is passing by. I don't think this is working as intended, because it can make really angry. Imagine being a lowlevel wizard in vampire form, not much HP yet and some Pally or Cleric suddenly goes "Let's troll that guy" and BOOM you are dead. Nothing you did, nothing you could predict, nothing you could prevent.
I already reported the bug, but from what I've heard the bug support is rather slow with catching up, so I decided to post it here as well. Why don't I stay alive in public? Because the undead form stays through entering and leaving quests, and activating it once and saving the 100 SP for in side a quest is rather nice.

Hope this reaches the devs, because I am really annoyed after that guy kept doing it several times, just for troll. After I asked him to, he stopped though, but the issue remains

P.S. please don't use it to kill ppl in public, play a fvs and use judgement, that is nasty enough for your fellow undead friends.