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    I was doing one of the Wheloon quests on my Paladin. There were shadows, and I just started spamming Turns. Took me a while to notice that the Pale Master was taking a ton of damage. Then I put two and two together and apologized profusely. We'd already been in the quest only 10 minutes and I'd been bombing the poor guy and not even realizing it.
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    I find that this bug needs to be removed with this one and the DW bug I think it is time to hang up my PM. I was standing in market trying to get a group for a quest and a certain player decided it would be funny to one shot me and ruin half of my equipment FIX THIS BUG NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    LOL I think this bug is hilarious, now I just need to make a paladin and stalk a friend's completionist palemaster :3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnir View Post
    What I think is OP is anyone who uses implemented game mechanics, standard game features, or their own skill to be more effective in quests then I am - so I then find the time to post complaints about their use of implemented game mechanics, standard game features, or their own skill thus making me OP on the forums.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bridge_Dweller View Post
    Here's a new flash for the people who have not evolved and still play sponge toons: you serve no purpose. it's rude, but it's the truth. Divines are powerful, have been for a long time. They don't need you. If you need them you add no value to the group.

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    Default i was healing a raid and oops

    i was just mind numblingly hitting my buffs, and hit deathward by mistake. fix this **** turbine, your incompetence is getting old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karavek View Post
    Actually nope. Several very informative articles where written in dragon over the years on this very topic, my favoirte was 37 flavors of lawful good, an article that detailed how things like a lawful good zealot type paladin would be entirely justified on killing anyone not of his faith who refused to convert. Which in the eyes of that paladin and his god would be a major act of evil. Such meta physical aspects while certainly fun to debate where there largely to allow those wanting to be a paladin to not be caught up in what is generally referred to as lawful stupid.
    No. In DnD, Good is an absolute, and it is universal, thus, anyone of a good alignment killing another player of a good alignment would be a violation of the good alignment.

    Personally my favorite was the racist paladin, largely a concept from 3E+ where paladin was no longer purely a human class, one could for example be an elven paladin and following traditional elven superiority complex behavior would be entirely justified in only defending elfkin and dispatching threats to his people. He could stand by and laugh while a dwarven family was slaughtered and would only intervene if some threat to elfdom presented itself.
    In 3rd edition, it is stated that all paladins share a common bond and consider each other part of a greater whole, this anyone that would watch a fellow paladins family be butchered would be no longer part of that universal whole that is being a paladin.

    Not to mention, the simple act of being racist would make someone Neutral to Evil by default, and remove the ability to be "Good" which again, is not defined by personal view, but an absolute, there is Good, Evil, and Neutral, in DnD, each one definitive of the other.

    my favorite is blending the elf paladin,champion of correlion ( elf only) prc and bladsinge prc for a very elfcentric noble and righteous warrior who is only bound to defend his own kind and all others are up to his discretion.
    Then he is not Good. Compassion is universal, defending and providing for others is not something a Good Person can chose to withhold and still claim to be good in DnD. That was the draw back of being Lawful Good.

    You had to be Good, and you had to be lawful, you could not opt to be cold hearted, you could not opt to be a jerk, you had to show compassion, mercy, and forgiveness, benevolence, and kindness, you had to hold true to your word and follow the laws of the land.

    Forcing a Paladin to be Lawful Good, was in fact a Limitation upon them to be difficult to play.

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