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    Default LR 20 stone

    I have a question regarding the LR 20 stone , When I use it I don't loose any of my Epic Levels ? Im at lvl 27 with all my ED's capped, this will remain unchanged when I LR correct? . My main reason for LR is to change some skill points around. What happens when you LR back to 20 do you have to talk to a Epic level trainer to get your epic xp back & rebuild your ED's or is it just waitng for you as you left it ?

    thanks for any help you can give

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    You won't lose anything. All the leveling is done on the airship, even the Epic levels. You might have to toggle your active ED (select another, make it active, then go back to your main) as it doesn't like to apply it for some reason after the LR.

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