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    Default Spot skill borked since yesterday's patch

    So before yesterday's patch my Shadar-kai Ranger/Rogue lvl 14/2 could spot the trap boxes in several quest...Lords of Dust for example.
    I ran Lords of Dust yesterday and could not spot a single trap box. I also ran Hiding in Plain Sight, which is only a lvl 10 quest and
    could not spot a single trap box in that quest. I have not changed out any gear or enhancments. Anyone else having this problem since update?
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    Quite the opposite. Ive been spotting stuff i have no business spotting.
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    I have the same issue, Spot does not appear to be working in the Whelan Docks quests I just ran and I have a spot of 55 , quests were run on normal.

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    LOL I thought it was me my arty/rogue can't spot ANY traps in any quest no matter the difficulty and long before yesterday.

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    Default Agreed

    Love to see some traction on this. I max Spot and have a +15 item on my Arti and haven't been able to "spot" squat since U19. I suppose I could get a WIS item, but is +3 really that much difference? Should it be on a disabling-type character? I've been quite bummed about this. Hoping this gets toned down a bit in the near future to levels that are more reasonable.

    Similarly, I have never rescued anyone in Wheloon even with my Druid who is a WIS based toon. I just don't understand that part.

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