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    Default Guys what is the level requirement for diff monk stances

    Planning on making a monk and i saw that they changed the stance from enhancement to feats. What is the monk level requirement to take each level stance as a feat ( eg adept, master).


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    Monks get them as free auto-grants at Level 6 (Adept), 12 (Master), and 18 (Grandmaster).

    Any character with at least 1 level of monk may use character granted feats (the ones at every 3rd char level) to purchase the more advanced forms at character level 6 (Adept), 12 (Master), and 18 (Grandmaster).

    Basically, if you are going pure monk you do not need to worry about the feats as you'll get them for free at the appropriate monk level. The feats being available mainly benefit multi-class builds with fewer levels of monk.
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