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    Default Ultimate Quarterstaves master

    Hi, posting high dps meele character(maybe highest) , using quarter staves, having improved evasion, traps skills, good amount sneak attack damage,self heal, good saves, using sireth end game. Best race is human for bonus feat because build is feat starved.

    I changed bladeforged build to human build for better self heal and more stuning blow dc. Build is focused on two skills: iron fist and divine sacrifice, those skills have +1 crit multi and very low cooldown. Using those skills on cooldown together with high crit chance u would often see 13-18x4 19-20x7 crits. Traps skills, improved evasion, 9d6 sneakattacks and self heal is good adition to build. Only one backdraw of this build is that doesnt have ranged feats - many shot, so not good sinergy with fotw destiny. If i compare this build with juggernaut build(most versatile dps build), juggi have lower meele damage output(almost 40%), but better burst dps from manyshot + unbridled fury. Overall this build would have more substained damage output then juggernaut, but no ranged combat style and lower sp to self healing(but u can always drink pot).

    Human 13 rogue 4 paladin 3 monk

    13 rogue for improved evasion, opportunist feat, sneak attack, trap skills and acrobat and assasin enhacement tree

    3 monk for feats and henshin enhacement tree (tier3 lighting the candle)

    4 paladin for empover heal, divine might ,Courage of Heaven, divine sacrifices and divine grace.

    human for bonus feat ,action surge str , human adaptability str and versatility damage boost.

    starting points:

    32 points
    17 str
    8 dex
    17 con
    8 int
    8 wis
    14 cha

    36 points
    18 str
    8 dex
    17 con
    8 int
    9 wis
    14 cha

    best past lives: 3xmonk, 3x paladin, 3x barbarian, 3xfighter

    puting level points into str

    epic destiny:

    Legendary Dreadnought - because not having many shot, fotw isnt ideal destiny, its better having more and longest action boost for longer double boost burst dps. Very good clickie here is lighting mace skill - 40 % to get 15% double strike for total 51,5% double strike(58.5% in wind stance).

    rejuvenation cocoon, dance of flower, primal scream

    human 8 points - human adaptability str, human damage boost, action surge str, human recovery.
    acrobat 32 points: main goal is acrobatic, staf trainings, quick strike, staf specialization, no mercy.
    henshin mystic 16 points: main goal is staf tranings, fist of iron and lighting the candle.
    assasin 11 points: 2xsneak attacks, heartseeker poison and wenom blades .
    paladin 13 points: divine might, divine sacrifices, courage of heaven.

    feats:7 from levels, 2 from monk, 3 from epic levels, 1 from human, 2 from rogue
    1.level 1 monk1: monk bonus feat: power attack
    2. level 1 monk1:human bonus feat: cleave
    3. level 1 monk1:stuning blow
    4. level 2 monk2:bonus feat: two handed fighting
    5. level 3 monk3: magical traning
    6. level 6 monk3paladin3: improved stances
    7. level 9 rogue2monk3paladin4: greater cleave
    8. level 12 rogue5monk3paladin4: improved stances2
    9.level 15 rogue8monk3paladin4: improved critical bludgeon
    10.level 17 rogue10monk3paladin4: rogue bonus feat:improved evasion
    11.level 18 rogue11monk3paladin4: empower heal
    12. level 20 rogue13monk3paladin4: rogue bonus feat: oportunist
    13. level 21 epic feat: overwhelming critical
    14. level 24 epic feat: improved two handed fighting
    15. level 27 epic feat: greater two handed fighting

    epic destiny feats: prefect two handed fighting, perfect two weapon fighting(5% double strike)
    overall 15feats and 2 epic destiny feats

    traps skills (search,disable device, open lock)

    dps rotation:
    open attack sequence: quick strike,heartseeker poison ,stuning blow,lighting mace,
    repeat sequence:
    fist of iron, divine sacrifices, earth strike 3, earth strike 2.
    (u can use cleave attaks for better aoe dmg if needed, but cleaves not procing glancing blow with staff so using cleave attaks lower your single targed dps)

    enhacement lighting the candle, courage of heaven and wenom blade 100% proc on glancing blow(so it is why iam not using cleave attacks), lighting mace and quick strike double strike chance stacks.

    Using wind stance vs high fort enemies and bosses(while not tanking) for more double strike and less hate
    Using earth stance vs trash or tanking for bigger crits, more hp, and more hate.

    attack speed: +15% acrobatic, +15% haste, +25% morale double strike from quick strike, +8% enhacement double strike from equip,3% artifact from equip +15% enhacement double strike from lighting mace(not stacking with 8%), +3% untyped double strike from oportunist, +7.5% insight double strike from wind stance, +5% from perfect two weapon fighting.

    overall dps:
    high attack speed: +30% attack speed, + 51.5% double strike substained(90% of the time), 58.5% with lighting maces proc, 30% more if haste boosted.
    high crit chance: 40% sireth crit chance: 13-18x3, 19-20x5 in wind stance, using fist of iron for another +1 crit multi
    high base dmg: bonuses to dmg from high str(more than 70), enhacements, equip (more then 120 per hit)
    BIG critical dmg: 500-600 dmg on 13-18, 800-1000 on 19-20 roll, on helpless target 130% more, damage boosted even more.
    great fortification bypass: 30% fort bypass, very handle to having vs bosses
    High glancing blow: 60% glancing blow dmg 75% of the time
    Sneak attack: 9d6 sneak attack damage
    aditional dmg effects from sireth and enhacement: lighting strike, cloudburst, supreme good, courage of heaven, wenom blades, lighting the candle, ki strikes.
    4 minute dual boost or 12 min single boost: another +30% attack speed and +20% damage bonus same time or 12 min separately (power of the forgex8, damage boostx8, haste boostx8).

    mainly using stuning blow, some time trip if worked. Equipment focused on + stun.

    Stuning blow - dc: somwhere about 60-65, using "heathseeker poison" for another +1 to +4.

    ring1: Seal of House Dun'Robar - stuning +10
    ring2: Consuming Darkness - seeker +12 combat mastery +5
    helm: black dragon - 3% double strike
    armor: black dragon - 20% armor pearcing, 5% dmg
    trinket: planar focus prowess - +4dmg +15 physical resistance
    cloak: Adamantine Cloak of the Wolf - exceptional seeker +5
    bracers: Skirmisher's Bracers - double strike +8%
    gloves: Backstabber's Gloves - sneak attack +8 exc. sneek attakc +5
    boots: Goatskin Boots - speed xv , fort 115%
    belt: str +10 belt
    amulet:Alchemist's Pendant - +ki on hit
    googles: deadly google of acuracy - +8dmg/+5 attack
    weapon: - sireth

    - GREAT SUBSTAINED DPS, maybe best from all meele clases and multiclases using twf or thf
    - good saves from divine grace
    - traps skills
    - improved evasion
    - self heal via rejuvenation cocoon
    - burst dps (human damage boost + haste boost same time)
    - good health about 800 - 900 at lvl 28
    - good spell points (450- 38 rejuvenation cocoons)
    - good dodge chance
    - good tactics dc
    - able to solo EE quests


    - no ranged feats, it is pure meele build
    - need +1 ki on hit on equip to having enought ki to tosing ki strikes
    - no good for new players (u must know game mechanics and is gear dependant)

    sory for my english, not my home language

    any thoughts?
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