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    Smile DDOGamer: What If We Could Multi-Class Past Level 20?

    After much consideration, I've decided that 20 levels of characters classes are simply not enough.

    -> We need MOAR!

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    as long as epic feats are worth (are u serious? epic spell focus being a +1? epic fortitude/will/reflex are ml27?) and u are restricted to heroic feats while taking heroic classes and epic feats when u take epic lvls(once u take epic lvls can't take heroic lvls again, so u wouldn't get epic lvls at 21-24-27 while getting heroic lvls at rest of 20+ lvls) would be balanced

    much more balanced than 4 good ED and rest trash, also would give more viability to deeper splashes (8 fighter, 5 rogue, 12 monk acrobat) the most powerful skills recquire lvl/half-lvl in the formula, so would be great
    psykopeta - hoarding pl, for the sake of hoarding, the day i become ubercompletionist will be because there isn't anything to delay it more - thelanis, where the gimps claim to be pros and noobs claim to be pros, no newbies allowed(unless they claim to be pros), we have enough drama w/o them. PS i'm not a pro, maybe if i reincarnate in RL...

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