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    Default U19 Drow FvS Monk build

    This is a build I am planning on using for my next TR (4th). The final build might very well change with addition of "soon" to be released battlepriest. Any critique and improvements and suggestions are most welcome. Focus is on melee but should also have fairly good blade barrier and decent evasion and defences. (BB dc sucks ofc but still max emp BBs do nice damage.)

    Race: Drow
    Alignment:Lawful good
    Class 14FvS/6Monk

    Stats: (not going to count out all tomes and equipment)
    STR 16 + levelups (was considering going purely dex based but would lose out on overwhelming crit, divine might etc. Ref save would be better though.)
    DEX 16
    CON 14 + 3 from stance
    INT 10 (maxing heal, spellcraft and concentration) +2 tome at 7
    WIS 8 (no DC casting)
    CHA 16 (mainly because of divine might, but also helps with sp and energy burst dc)

    Gearing focus on STR, CON, DEX, CHA in that order.

    Level progression and feats:
    1 Monk Power attack (bonus) / Cleave
    2 Monk TWF (bonus)
    3 FvS Empower spell
    4-5 Monk
    6 Monk Maximise
    7 Monk Dodge
    8 FVS
    9 FvS Imp. TWF
    10-11 FvS
    12 FvS Imp.crit pierce
    13-14 FvS
    15 FvS Master of forms
    16-17 FvS
    18 FvS Great cleave
    19-20 FvS
    21 Overwhelming critical
    24 Greater TWF
    26 Perfect TWF
    27 Blinding speed
    28 Holy strike

    Enhancements (subject to change, only listing the ones that I feel are most important)

    Ninja spy 1st core lets me use shortswords as ki-weapons and remain centered and 3rd is shadow veil.
    Acrobatic III
    Agility III

    3 core enhancements give 30 Positive spell power and 15% heal amp
    Deft strikes III
    Iron Skin III
    Fists of Iron

    Divine Might III

    Core 1,2,3,4 Archon and shield of condemnation are very nice
    Scourge III (archon alone usually keeps this maxed which is good for BB and energy burst)
    Articles of faith

    Xendrik weapon training IV
    Improved dodge III
    Ambidexterity III
    Venom blades III

    This build is built around wielding twin celestias. Light damage that bypasses DR and damage is increased by shield of condemnation, they also benefit from both FvS autogrant +2/+2 and drow +4/+4 enhancements. Work as spellcasting implements with articles of faith.

    Should work fairly well in several different EDs.

    With dance of flowers and master mountain stance, overwhelming critical Celestias become 4(1d10) and 4 x crit on 19-20. 5 x crit with spamming fists of iron.

    Dance of flowers
    Energy burst

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    Quite a nice build nothing much to add...

    But, It looks like you plan to play it during epic levels, and maximize and empower will be most usefull from 14-18 and you're using cocoon. Why dont go for Grandmaster stance and empower healing leaving Max and Emp behind? Changing the feat order to get Great cleave at early levels leving a spot open.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I would really love to fit those feats in. However I also really like to have my max empowered BBs and Divine punishments in Epics as well. GM does not really add anything extra special to the table compared to master stance (in mountain stance) and I think my positive spellpower is quite alright even without empower healing. Certainly worth considering though.

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