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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient View Post
    Maybe you need to get out and play more and not let the forum doom sayers cloud what you see. I have seen EE quests dominated by light based divines, pure sorcs, instakills, archers, assassins, druid casters, xbow builds, blitzers and many other builds. Inside the game, it isn't anywhere near as bad as it sounds in the forums.
    I completely agree with Ancient. Early today I pugged most of the GH quests on EE, we had a rogue heavy archer, a spellsinging bard, a pure draconic fire specced sorc, an evoker fvs and a melee monk. Everyone pulled their weight, it was fun, fast and smooth. The sorc was in my guild, the bard I didn't realize was another friend of mine, the rest were random pugs!

    EE requires some gear, some clue, decent amount of ED and often a few lives (yes completionist might make a huge difference). Other than the monk and I, everyone was somewhere between 1st and 3rd life I have to guess, average geared, maxed out two or three ED.

    I am not sure what the complaint is about blitz, I have played several of them and its solid, but nowhere absurd, takes lots of focus and is fairly group unfriendly, unless everyone is playing assist. Try it before you put it on a pillar. Yes its one of the better ED abilities, no its not game breaking. Yes other EDs are not balanced - I personally feel bad for fatesinger and shadowdancer, but I have seen plenty of amazing rogues in Shadowdancer do amazing in EE.

    When my wife plays, she takes six months breaks frequently (and she humors me occasionally), she has a shiradi shuri-cannon build currently before a barb/fighter elf, she is as flower picking as it gets, slayer zones are her favorite and she has gone on less than a dozen raids in the three years she has played and with rare exception only when I begged her to. With a patient group she survives and handles EE Stormhorns just fine. ITS NOT HARD PEOPLE. ---- on a side note, I suggest you don't turn off the chat boxes so you can see the pretty graphics like she does.

    EE is for people who have done the quest at least once before, know where it is and basically know the quest. When I do LFMs its always for EE, I rarely am picky. I only want to cry and pull out my hair when they ask how to get to the quest! (Seriously, don't join an EE if you can't get there on your own). Know how to heal yourself. Primal Avatar has an ability called cocoon, twist it. Silver flame with enough favor has big heal pots, grind it if needed. UMD can be used to cast heal on yourself, invest in it. If you haven't had the time, energy or will to setup self healing, stick to EH or EN until you do it. Try the quest a few times on EH or EN first. Cant find a group and don't know the quest? Take a hireling and go do it on EN.

    Play the game - Like Ancient says.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TimethiefXVI View Post
    Im getting really frustrated right now. After a long time of TRing i piled up 28 lifes on my main, a wizard.
    I took every PL that provided any sort of bonus for my PM build to be able to cast efficiently in EE content.
    All that i need right now, to max out my dc (currently at 66) is a blue helmet and the nether orb, which would be effectively 2 dcs (carrying a +4 nec focus item right now).

    EH is working easily with this dc, on EE on the other hand i cant do **** with it, discos, beeing saved (+4 focus, no feats though) webs get ripped appart and landing insta death spells on anything but casters (which is also saved regulary) is rather senseless, given the fact they need several neg lvls before they work. Kiting through a SOD may help, but then again they hit like a truck, piling up to 200-400 per hit, which leaves me with my 800 hp kind of vulnable.

    My overall conclusion: dcs for EE need an adjustment, or the wizard (PM) is technicly dead and useless in there.
    This is what i would call a flawed and bad design, as it forces me to pick Schiradi over Magister and leaves me a mm monkey.
    Next to that, the elemental dmg of wizards (PM) arent that great, compared to a possible AM/Sorc. The insanly high hps of the mobs is therefore another grain of salt in the wound. Even the SLAs, which recieved a long needed boost get totally countered by a simple deathward spell, which seems to be undispellable, even with mordekins, leaving me with the simple option to waste a lot of sp on medicore dmg or to have a time out when facing dw rednamed.

    The arcane Spellsurge is helping, but a) also not always, b) 20 secs can be a rather short time, given the ammount of mobs appearing, spreading appeart, casting times and cooldowns (not to forget the 3 min cooldown on spellsurge ).

    I start wondering if the last 2 dcs will make the difference, but in general im disappointed, as i hoped that high work would result into high gain.

    Then again, im not counting me as a casual player, and im wondering what will they do once they get the desire to try EE and try to find the items, instead of buying them for tons of A$. If i, as a lvl28 Completionist Drow PM with a nearly maxed out gear and maxed out ED (one of the mystical 8) cant get onto them, anything more casual than me will just be a stone on in the inventory, or an afk till q is finished.

    I am not voting for an IWIN and all dies button here, but im concerned this will drive a lot of players away, either killing thier fun or thier ambition to play at all. A friend of mine, currently playing a midllvl PM alreraddy stated he will drop the idea to play a wizard, as he wouldnt be able to get even close to the stuff i have. I recognize EE isnt for evryone, and its meant to be challenging, but i think right now it is over the top and needs adjusment.

    For my Setup: (~800hp/3.6k sp)
    Drow: max int, max con +4 tomes to all, +5 tome for int, all lvlups into Int
    Featlist: Max, Emp, Hight, Quick, Mental Toughness, Imp Mental Toughness, Completionist, PL Wiz, Necrofocus I,II,III, Spellpen, gretaer Spellpen, Epic Spellpen, Insightfull ref, /Ebonus: spellpower neg, efocus spellcraft
    Pastlives: each 3 times exept 1 times only: Fgt, Mnk, Paly, Rng, Rog, Bard.
    Twists: Endless faith, echoes Magister, 1lvl3 slot for adjusting to current q/1 int to even out if uneven
    Current gear:
    Master Illusionist gloves EE, Sage's Cuffs, Boots open for adjustmnent (erock, FOM, Propulsion)
    Tablecloth T2, con10 dodge 10 belt, litany, conc opp sp googs, eblue robe, torc, minII hp helm, Abbot quiver, tod ring +6int exept1 int exept 2 int, Tod ring +6 str exept 1 con exept2 con
    Weapons: En nether orb +4 enchant, scepter +4 necro
    Int ring gonna be swapped for 50hp ring once i get blue helm +3 int, torc will move for conc opp hp necky, bracers prob gonna be edq
    Current augments: 200 sp, 35hp, impr Mental toughness, + necro focus will be swapped for 2x greater int feat.
    Using Yugo pots INT

    Any advice, besides cookies and store potions and having a bard at swordpoint, how to make things work for me (and evenly important for people that cant pile up what i have)?
    Dev answer appreciated
    u know what more frusteraiting? is to come here and one poorly build and played completionist who still dont have any clue, come and complain,, instead of asking what i do wrong and how can i improve myself! u shld see few on my guldy pm-s who is not even completionists and see how they own ee
    and yes thats why i dont have that many posts , i usuall ystay away from forums, just becose of those frustraiting posts
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    Quote Originally Posted by nolifer1 View Post
    u know what more frusteraiting? is to come here and one poorly build and played completionist who still dont have any clue, come and complain,, instead of asking what i do wrong and how can i improve myself! u shld see few on my guldy pm-s who is not even completionists and see how they own ee
    and yes thats why i dont have that many posts , i usuall ystay away from forums, just becose of those frustraiting posts
    Ever looked on the date of the OP? I find it much more frustrating when reading answers on how frustrating is anything when the answer is given to something that meanwhile is antedeluvian, not only necro.

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