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    Default Redokulous Lag 6pm-7pm PST Khyber

    It's bad. Wiped in an EH Portal Opens PURELY due to lag. No lag? No one would have died. Period. We're talking sustained minutes of frozen or choppy lag where you can't control anything. It literally made it unplayable.

    Guildies reporting bad lag.

    Rubberbanding on airship and in marketplace for no reason.

    Appears to be server-wide.

    FWIW, I had the same thing in a Von 3 a few days back. We wiped. Luckily it was at a shrine. It cleared up after like 4 minutes of unplayableness. Whole party had same thing.

    This is really not cool. What's the deal?
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    First, Meat-Head is exactly correct...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meat-Head View Post
    It's bad.


    What's the deal?
    The lag you describe is apparently client-sided. It is quite impressing how you all on Khyber managed to synchronize your client-sided lag. Did you all already check your network settings? *just kiddin

    And yes, I experienced this kind of lag in the last few days on Khyber several time. Maybe the kobolds in baudry chain remember waterworks, and cause this lag again, like this was the official statement for this kind of lag months or years ago when they applied a fix. But some things which were actually fixed, always find their way back in the game after updates. May I introduce .. the revision code control?
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