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    Default Timidus Tenebris leadership change and saying goodbye

    I`ve decided to leave ddo (or at least take a break, so no, u can`t haz my stufz ). Some day ill probably return, but for now guild need active leader, so i promoted Thedron to guild leader.

    Reasons why im leaving are quite simple..i become bored about many aspects of game and i no longer have fun;/ other reason is that i dont fully accept changes to game over past few years (joined in 2009) and ill have much work at univ soon...

    Finally i want to say thanks to all old ddo friends: all my guild m8 ofc, Tzastam and Arashy for best TR trains, and many other awesome ppls i encountered during my fun with ddo

    //Garshi aka Rimmon
    Leader of Timidus Tenebris

    Garshi ,Rimmon , Hezander

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    Hey Garshi i just wanted to wish you all the best at uni and the rest of your
    Life if you don't happen to comback to ddo


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