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    Default Stunning Fist and Quivering Palm no logner charge Everything is Nothing.

    Hi just want to get some feedback, to see if other were having the same issue. I can occasionally get stunning fist to register the perfect peace counter while in Stormreach public areas..(.maybe every 3rd or 4th use), but it doesn't work at all in quests or other areas. Quivering palm also does not work to advance the perfect peace counter at all. At lest that's what I'm experiencing with my two GMoF monks.

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    I have noticed this myself, it is now taking longer to charge using only the GMoF abilities to charge EiN.
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    its a known issue since the update. and wasnt in todays patch

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    Default It is on known issues list guys -- good luck getting it fixed

    It is on known issues list guys -- good luck getting it fixed. Over/under 6 months to a year I bet. Cheers! Sign this!!!:

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    Someone reported that so long as you keep moving while you trigger them it'll still advance the counter.

    You can try it for yourself in any public area to confirm it seems to work. Looks like it's working for me anyway, but agree that's a workaround. It needs fixed asap.

    I'm finding the auto-neg-levelling when you don't even go near an enhancement option that could cause friendly fire to be more of a nuisance atm

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