...Escape Plan. I know it has been out for a bit now, but I just ran it for the 3rd time last night... first time at level. It isn't hard, or tedious, or anything like that. It is simply the fake failure mechanic. The Shaman walks up to Black and spends 10-15 seconds releasing him and D-dooring away and I am just forced to sit there and watch.

And this is the same shaman I spend 5 minutes making my way to *again* and then killing relatively easily. This is even worse than watching Anna run through the portal under charm and fighting to fail in the Spinner's Prison. In those scenarios your character can , at least, not be expected to know what's coming in time to prevent it. In Escape Plan it is painfully obvious what is happening and we *amazingly artificially* have to stand their and watch this dope run off.

Pretty please *never* add that component to a quest again. Please.

Bonus annoyance. The first time I ran Shadow of A Doubt and the Magistre tells me to go out to the docks, I think... "And leave the prisoner alone? I don't think so!" and leave one guy behind. It broke the quest. I had no foreknowledge of the quest... it was just an obviously bad tactical menuever.

I think almost all of the quests in ES/FR are great, don't get me wrong. But shoving us down a story line is very irritating, especially when the mechanisms to progress you down that storyline consist of forcing you to fail/play stupid/ etc.

My 2c.