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    Default Loot Changes in Update 19

    First to preface: I find there is much in this update that I really like and a few things I wish had been done differently or better.

    I am concerned by and disappointed with the new loot and end reward lists of the new quests. The power creep issue/non-issue is a different matter and what I have to say about loot quality mostly disregards any kind of creeping. Well, it is starting to creep me out that after filling my inventory with loot, I have 20-30 items that all look the same. Here's my gripes:

    1. Affixes that didn't need to be removed/deprecated are no longer generating.

    2. Named items in quest rewards lists of new quests are boringly static. Of all things needing to have random effects, it's these same three items in the list every time.

    3. Quest reward lists of new quests have few options. 3 random gen items plus 3 static. I really hope this isn't the direction we're going. This is the one thing in the update that truly disappoints me. The lack of selection and variety significantly reduces my pleasure and entertainment. I'm seeing the same items (except the statics) in the reward lists running epic GH quests but there is a variable length list with approximately 5-10 items. I don't cringe when the GH lists start to render.

    4. Named items for the most part are undesirable. Previous updates seemed to be filled with items that brought forth emotion, mainly desire, occasionally awestruck. Not much emotion can be found with this new crop. meh.

    5. Interesting/rare drops don't seem to be happening in chests found in the new quests. I know not to expect anything from Eberron, such as Imperfect Siberys Dragonshards, but there are a lot of other things that could drop. These flavor items do just that, add flavor.

    6. Random gen armor is extra boring. The new named armor even more so. I wouldn't be caught dead in any of it but if I were to go into combat wearing it I would certainly die.

    After all these years I still look forward to the Shroud reward list. I know what's gonna be there but I enjoy that little thrill I get as it generates. It's long and there's sometimes something interesting. One of the reasons I play RPG games is for that feeling. I think it might be a very popular reason others play too. It's a source of entertainment and enjoyment.

    Please sign or comment if you are in general agreement. I hope the loot hounds will be heard.

    *I originally made this post in another thread. I'm afraid that thread may get lost and I think this is important, so I'm showing poor etiquette by reposting in it's own thread.
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