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    Default The Pit: A Walkthrough Guide

    I'm not much of a forum guy, so hopefully I'm following the rules and placing this thread in the right place.

    I have been playing the game for a long time now, and pretty much from day one I have seen people wanting to run The Pit for it's great xp and favour points, only they want a guide.

    After opening the LFMs today and seeing another one, I decided to take it upon myself to take action. (I will be adding to and editing sections as new information/strategies/I'm reminded of things I forgot are brought to my attention)

    Step one; I logged into the forums and searched 'The Pit Guide'. Nothing. OK, no pre-existing guides on this quest. Fine, I'll be the first (Yes.... I am talking/typing to myself, and I'm pretty sure I'm not mad or crazy despite what my wife might say).

    Step two; How do I know I am proficient enough to make this guide? I have previously made a guide for Vault of Night. Admittedly it was posted on an external guild website for the Creeping Death guild members, but I had great feedback and when I was unable to lead the quest my detailed guide was used without complications for a successful completion.

    Step three; Run the quest and take notes. Trying to run a quest, take notes, take screenshots and fight off the monsters actually takes much longer than you might think. Especially when you didn't think through you're character choice and ran it on your lowly Rogue.

    Step four; I'm tired of spending more time healing myself and fighting that taking notes so throw up an LFM and see if some gallant heroes will come and save my damsel in distress. (Maybe not a damsel, but just go with it)

    A special thanks to Yurasuka, the bard I borrowed from the Nightsong guild and Nellener, the ranger from Beneath the Remains.
    A very special thanks to my wife, Arysta, who would have assisted if I hadn't made this whilst she was at work, and for helping me with the forum side of things.

    Top tips:

    Before entering this quest make sure you have the following:

    • Fire resist
    • Acid resist
    • Lightning resist
    • Item of Feather Falling (Yurasuka kindly reminded me of this with a demonstration of what happens when you forget. Thank you!)

    Optional, but recommended:

    • Fire protection
    • Acid protection
    • Lightning protection
    • Jump
    • False Life
    • Someone with evasion
    • Ability to find hidden doors

    I find this quest is hard to explain without the aid of pictures so I will be posting a few.
    (A work in progress, I do apologise about the quality of some of these. I didn't realise just how dark they would turn out in some.)
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