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    Default want to multiclass with monk

    though i am not new to the game i am new to the idea of multiclassing. i want to multiclass something with the monk but idk what. i like the melee fighting style, im not much for ranged attacks some spell casting but not really, so can anyone dish out some suggestions? in doing so i would like stat info for what u suggest plz and ty?

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    Great and worse thing about monks is there ability to multiclass with virtually any class just depends on the depth of other classes u want.

    Also depends on the style of fighting u want ie fists, staff, swords.

    top of my head fighter kensai is good if u want to group and some solo

    pally/fvs/cleric even wizzy/sorc can be good for solo and some group as they are normally less op but better self reliant (with rogue for traps)

    stat wise depends on the direction u choose really

    dex/wis can be fun but is poor at EH and worthless really at EE due to low prr

    light or dark; light healing effects, restore, curse blind removal and more; dark, tod cursing type stuff

    if u plan on epic stuff str/wis grandmaster stance mountain is good

    ftr, pally(less dps), fvs/clr/sorc/wizzy less dps more spells/heals) but ftr/pally can give more PRR,

    rogue for staff, or assassin not sure if dc's will be any good

    human 32 point but u will want 17 dex for twf feats so tome or raise at lvl4 or lower str and a high wis is wanted for dc's

    str dex con int wis chr
    15 16 14 8 15 8

    but adjust as needed for different direction

    hope this helps point u the direction u want then more help can be added.

    pls correct or add to this guys as my monk exp is lower than a lot of u out there

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