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    Default So how do you all feel about turbine censorship?

    Really we don't have a choice about this, we have to accept that the ball belongs to Turbine, they can take it away whenever they feel like it. The moderators close threads, shut down accounts, so fast that sometimes they clearly haven't even read the content before doing it, they have that power.... but should they?

    The real here question remains this: Does the censorship of the forums help the game? Does the removal of a lot of trolls, spam, and doomsayers, outweigh the removal of content criticism, bug warnings, messages to the devs?

    What do you think? do you pay for the game and if so do you think you should have more free speech? are you free 2 play and if so do you feel your unheard?

    discuss among yourselves! and hope we don't get shut down!

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