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    Default Questions about Rogue Thief-Acrobat

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few questions about the Thief-Acrobat enhancement line as I am planning a Rogue Thief Acrobat with the Monk Henshin Mystic?

    1. Does the staff training line from the Monk Henshin Mystic and Rogue Thief Acrobat stack? I would assume that they do not as they have the same title list but I saw a post on Lamania saying they did stack-I thought I would clarify?

    2. Does improved trip affect the Thief Acrobat ability sweeping strikes? Sweeping strikes seems to be a mass trip based on Dex and improved trip is Str based. I'm guessing if it did have an affect it would keep monsters down longer.

    3. Lastly would a vertigo item work with sweeping strikes?

    I look forward to doing a build with the sweeping strikes as it looks fun. Any advice on these questions would be welcomed.


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    No idea about 2 and 3 (I'm just going to take a wild guess - NO, but that's just that - a guess).

    About N1 - even if they stack now, the enhancements with the same names/effects wont stack on live so you can take only 1 of those (rogue staff or monk staff training). You can take the training and the Orikish weapon training for example (not the same bonus) and they'll stack.

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    I have a TA that I updated for the new enhancement system and actually ended up going Ninja Spy instead of Henshin Mystic. One reason being that they don't stack. Also, I'm doing a 13/7 split so with just 7 levels of Monk my DCs for all the Monk moves aren't that stellar. Ninja Spy gave me a bunch more Sneak Attack and an almost spammable SA trigger. Think I take some other things from there too but I don't remember what they are now. Don't know the answer to your other two questions though.

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    Just rolled a PDK big stick build, 2ftr/12rog/6monk.

    From what I can tell the answer to all your questions is no. Sweeping strikes is not affected by vertigo or trip feats. TBH I see it drop 1 out of 3(in epic normal/hard eberron content) mob with a 50 dex.
    As for the staff lines stacking I am pretty sure they don't, not even the increase max dodge bonus's stack.

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