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I think, like every single other change made to equipment, weapons, and armor, it sucks, and was poorly considered.

I dont' have a problem with cursed items. They are a long-standing D&D tradition. But really? The best they could come up with was a ****ant -1 to a stat? That's not a curse. That's just stupid.
Currently at level 8 with my Ranger I have 13 Wisdom. With a +4 item that gives 17 Wisdom so I can slot a cursed item that gives me a -1 Wisdom with no impact to my character whatsoever. This is where you can gain access to more powerful items than your level would permit, which is actually a really cool thing.

If there were proper cursed items like a ring of foolishness (set INT to 3) they would just get thrown in the bin and would be followed by huge complaints about wasted loot drops. This way the cursed items make a great addition to the game, A Barbarian doesn't need Intelligence so could stack cursed items for that stat and get a nice set of gear out of it.