This is quite cool.

I'm considering respeccing my outdated bard into a 32p variant of this, with 1 cleric and 2 ranger. Ranger for the +75 pos spellpower from DWS and some archery feats replacing the cleave/OC line, to be able to take Manyshot for pew pew burst damage and for some variety (I already have two cleavers/blitzers and I'm not sure I want another one). Probably won't take Force of Personality, I usually find that between FoM, Prot from Evil wands and Good Hope (to remove crushing despairs) the lowish Will saves aren't that much of an issue.

I'm also thinking of going with Empower Healing Spell instead of Maximize, mostly to boost my Cocoon and to spend less mana on cure spells (with the Ranger pos spell power and a devotion slotted somewhere they should still heal a fair amount). Maximize doesn't seem to boost Chord of Disruption. It does seem to boost Dirge but losing that doesn't bother me so much. Am I missing anything else that's important and benefits from Maximize?

Not sure I can live without Extend, either. I really like my extended Hastes, Displacements and Rages.