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Thread: Level 26 Feats

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    Default Level 26 Feats

    Hi been a slow run to 26 but my wiz hit it tonight and went looking at the feat selection. According to the wikki he should have 1 maxxed destiny should have given access to spell power feats and skill feats as well as the following feats he has been given as an option:
    Epic Mage Armour
    Lasting Inspiration

    Is the wikki wrong, am in interpreting it wrong or is it bugged. Hard to check previous posts on the topic since search is bugged atm.

    *** Yes at least 1 Arcane is Maxxed and not just level 5
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    Default Hmm

    From other complaints I've seen on this point, it looks like you may actually need at least two destinies maxxed in some of the spheres to get all the lvl 26 feats available (you definitely need 2 in each to get all the level 28s). As you note, max means all xp, not just lvl 5.

    Since I have all the destinies maxxed, I have not encountered this issue.

    Edit: at least Fred makes exchanging feats now very easy, and I think the old 3-day timer may be gone.

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