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    Default Favored Enemies


    i have the choice of 2 favored enemys on my little Wraith and since i was away for, well, a long time, im not entirely sure what are the most useful to pick

    i have access to GH, the shadowfell stuff and all the f2p quests ofc

    any advice for an old comebacker?
    (backcomer? well you know what i mean...think returner is the word)

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    if I had to chose 2 I would do giants or dragons (depends on how much tor you do) and elf's for the drow.
    just my opinion with those packs (:
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    Giant and Dragon if you want to live on Tor. Undead and Evil Outsider if you intend to buy MotU and run Caught in the Web (or older raids, like abbot, shroud, etc).

    On the shadowfell content, you'll also find a lot of humans.
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